Brywood 6th Grade – Class of 2018-19

Hello 6th Grade Parents,

The beginning of our children’s last year at Brywood is fast approaching. There are many activities that will be taking place in 6th grade and we need your help.

Below is a list of 6th grade activities:

  • Pancake Breakfast/Carnival/Used Book Sale – The purpose of the pancake breakfast is to give 6th graders the opportunity to earn money towards the cost of their Outdoor Education trip. This event needs the most volunteers to ensure our 6th graders raise enough money to support their trip.

  • 6th Grade T-shirt & Sweatshirt Sales

  • 6th Grade Panoramic Photo

  • Spring Pictures

  • After School Fundraisers

  • Outdoor Science Camp

  • DARE Graduation

  • 6th Grade vs Teacher/Staff Softball Game

  • 6th Grade Year-End Field Trip

  • 6th Grade Promotion DJ Party

  • 6th Grade Promotion Ceremony & Reception

The 6th grade activities are separate from PTA and are for 6th graders only.  Therefore the fundraising and volunteering must be done by our 6th graders and their families.  No child will be denied the ability to participate in activities based on the family’s ability to pay.  However, the type and extent of the activities will be based directly on the amount of donations that are received.  Please refer to the 6th Grade Q&A for more information.  We are seeking donations from families with a recommended donation of $50 to help cover starting costs not provided by the school.  Please note that the donation is voluntary.  Checks can be written to Brywood PTA and all donations are tax deductible; donations can be submitted thru the 6th grade teachers or front office.

We are also asking each family to sign up to volunteer for at least one or more 6th grade activities by early September.

We hope all of you will think about how you can help your child’s 6th grade class. Looking forward to a great year together!


Please volunteer for as many things as you can, and make sure to sign up your 6th graders, too – Pancake Breakfast is THEIR fundraiser

Pancake Breakfast Volunteers (Kids and Adults)

Pancake Breakfast Donations:

Used Book Sale Volunteers (Day of Event – Kids and Adults)

Used Book Sale Sorting (Pre-Event – Kids)

Carnival Volunteers (Kids and Adults)

6th Grade Committee