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The BEST Dads group in IUSD, providing the Heavy Lifting For Brywood PTA!


Calling All Dads!


Brywood Dads is the PTA group responsible for producing the Talent Show and organizing Family Fun Nights, Family Hikes, Astronomy Night, and various other events. Brywood Dads also provide much-needed “manpower” support to other PTA events.

Below are the activities planned for 2021-22. Note that activities, dates, and times are subject to change. Activities will be added throughout the school year.

  • TBD: Halloween Drive-Thru and Virtual Costume Contest –

  • TBD: Family Hike

  • TBD: Astronomy / Movie Night

  • TBD: Brywood Talent Show

  • TBD: Brywood Dads Camp-Out


To sign up or if you have any questions about Brywood Dads, please contact Keith Hall at

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