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5/1-5/5: All Staff Appreciation Week

"Everyone is like a Lego piece. Apart we are but simple bricks but together, we can build anything you can imagine." -Morgan Red

The week of 5/1-5/5, help build up and celebrate the awesomeness of all the teachers & staff of Brywood!

  • Monday, 5/1: Share your smiles all day!

  • Tuesday, 5/2: Create an awesome homemade thank you card, poem, drawing, or creation to thank a teacher or staff.

  • Wednesday, 5/3: Wear your teacher's favorite color or theme

  • Thursday, 5/4: Bring a colorful single flower to create and awesome rainbow class bouquet

  • Friday, 5/5: "Brywood Staff is Awesome! We build each other up!" Share your awesomeness with all teachers, staff, crossing guards, custodian, librarian, front office staff, music staff, PE & science teachers, cafeteria workers, today! Give them words of encouragement, thumbs up, tell them thank you, share a favorite memory, or anything you would like to do to build them up.

Feel free to join the themes above or spark your imagination to build your own masterpiece as a token of appreciation to the staff.


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