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2023-2024 PTA Back-to-School Packet

Dear Brywood Families,


The Brywood PTA Board is so excited to welcome you to the 2023-24 school year!  Hope everyone had a wonderful summer break; can you believe it is almost over?  Don’t worry, we are planning and preparing for another fun-filled year!  We will miss Mr. Moeller, who has moved back to Virginia, but we are also excited and happy to welcome our new Principal, Mr. Michael Hernandez! 


As we enter the 2023-24 school year, we urge you to think about how you can get involved at Brywood.  “Well, how can I get involved?” you ask?  Here is one easy thing you can do:  Join the Brywood Parent Teacher Association (PTA)!   Founded in 1986, the Brywood PTA is a volunteer organization of parents that supports the education of all children at Brywood Elementary. 


What does the PTA do?  Brywood PTA helps position not only parents, guardians and teachers, but also administrative staff and our community, to collaboratively advocate for all of our students!  Some examples include funding for instructional and classroom supplies, educational technology, playground equipment, library support, educational assemblies, and so much more!  In addition to funding, becoming a PTA member helps our Blue Jays to have a louder voice and  enhance the educational experience for all students.


But we can’t do it without your help!  So sign up today and help make that positive impact that will last forever!  Thank you for your support!  


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns; you can find us on the Brywood PTA website (


Yours in Service,

2023-2024 Brywood PTA Executive Board


Sharad Gima  (President)                                                                                                       Keith Hall  (Executive VP)

Nicole Chang (VP of Communications)                                                               Noriko Satake-Leung (Treasurer)

Sarina Sriboonlue (VP of Membership)                                                                              Sarah Wuu (Historian)

Renee Ren (Financial Secretary)                                                                                                  Sunil Nair  (Secretary)

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